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Galveston is a small island off the southeast Texas Gulf Coast with 32 miles of beaches and one of the largest and best-preserved concentrations of 19th century Victorian architecture in the country.

Galveston offers water recreation of all sorts, splendid shopping and dining and several renowned museums that attest to the unique history of the area.

The Port of Galveston serves both Carnival Cruise Lines and Royal Caribbean cruise liners.

Galveston, Texas
Historic Hotel Galvez in Galveston | See more photos!
© iStockPhoto.com/jrolwes

Among GreatPlacesToRetire.com cities, Galveston ranks high in taxes, home energy use and demographic diversity. Galveston ranks low in family income and population growth.

For more detailed city facts -- including data on home prices, population demographics, air quality, water quality and more -- click on the City Report graphic below:

To Galveston City Report
To Galveston City Report

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