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Small campsite with tent on the river
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Missoula, the second largest city in Montana and home to the University of Montana, is situated in a valley surrounded by mountains and three major rivers.

A legendary Rocky Mountain retreat, outdoor activities abound in the nearby mountains and rivers of Missoula including world class fly fishing, white water rafting and mountain biking.

Missoula, Montana
Landscape near Missoula | See more photos!
© iStockPhoto.com/chrisdeana

According to the GreatPlacesToRetire survey of cities, Missoula ranks high in man-made hazards risk and age of population. Missoula ranks low in home energy use, demographic diversity and proximity to nearest large city.

For more detailed city facts -- including data on home prices, population demographics, medical care, air quality, water quality and more -- click on the City Report graphic below:

To Missoula City Report
To Missoula City Report

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