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Retire to New Mexico

New Mexico, the "Land of Enchantment", became the 47th to join the Union in 1853. New Mexico is a Western state with Arizona to the west and Texas, Oklahoma and Mexico to the east.

Santa Fe at Christmas
Christmas at The Plaza in Santa Fe, New Mexico
© iStockPhoto.com/tonda

Albuquerque is the only city with a population of 100,000. Santa Fe is the capital city.

New Mexico's topography ranges from extensive desert to high plateaus to picturesque mountain ranges. Despite the dry climate, New Mexico is covered in millions of acres of national forests, particularly in the north.

New Mexico is an arid landscape averaging less than 15 inches of precipitation per year. Summer temperatures can easily get hot in areas with elevations below 5,000 ft, and get progressively cooler at higher elevations. Expect a good amount of snow in New Mexico, and a lot more of it at higher elevations.

New Mexico's economy is driven mostly by oil and gas production, tourism, and federal spending (military and technology). New Mexico ranks as a moderate tax state.

Retirement Cities

New Mexico is a favorite of retirees and two places are included in our survey of best places to retire. Get video tours of these great cities at New Mexico videos.

Santa Fe, NM
To the Santa Fe, NM City Report
Ranks high in: Building Permit Growth, Air Quality, Nearest Big City, Man-Made(Nuclear) Hazard Risk
Population: 83,875
City Type: Mountains, State Capital
Climate Type: Cool & Dry
Local Resources:
     Find homes for sale in Santa Fe!
Las Cruces, NM
To the Las Cruces, NM City Report
Ranks high in: Man-Made(Nuclear) Hazard Risk
Population: 101,759
City Type: Lakes & Rivers, Mountains, College Town
Climate Type: Warm & Dry
Local Resources:
     Find homes for sale in Las Cruces!

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