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Paradise Valley, Arizona, located northwest of Camelback Mountain and Scottsdale, combines with other cities in the Phoenix metropolitan area to form the Valley of the Sun.

Paradise Valley is considered one of the finest places to live in the Phoenix metro area with median and average home prices at well over $1 million. The city, with a population of just over 14,000, has outstanding schools, shops, resorts and golf courses.

Paradise Valley, Arizona
Desert sunset somewhere near Paradise Valley | See more photos!
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Paradise Valley is known for its world-class resorts and is one of Arizona's premier tourist destinations. The Phoenix metro area offers all the experiences and amenities you would expect to find in an area with over 3 million residents.

The desert location offers abundant sunshine and together with the rugged mountain landscapes and the nearby Phoenix Mountain Preserve, provides ample outdoor adventure opportunities.

Paradise Valley ranks high among GreatPlacesToRetire.com cities in family income, medical care, taxes and population density. Paradise Valley ranks low in home sales price, air quality and age of population.

For more detailed city facts -- including data on home prices, population demographics, medical care, air quality, water quality and more -- click on the City Report graphic below:

To Paradise Valley City Report
To Paradise Valley City Report

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