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Vancouver, on the north bank of the Columbia river, is the fourth largest city in Washington and part of the Portland-Vancouver metropolitan area.

With mountains to the north and east and the Pacific to the west, Vancouver offers splendid scenic beauty and an abundance of outdoor recreational opportunities -- skiing on Mount Hood, hiking Mount St. Helens and fishing on area lakes and the Columbia river to name a few.

Vancouver, Washington
Downtown Portland, Oregon just across the river from Vancouver | See more photos!
© iStockPhoto.com/Kativ

Vancouver is home to a satellite campus of Washington State University.

Among GreatPlacesToRetire cities, Vancouver ranks high in climate, medical care and recreation. Vancouver ranks low in natural hazards risk, taxes and population density.

For more detailed information -- including data on home prices, population demographics, air quality, water quality and more -- click on the City Report graphic below:

To Vancouver City Report
To Vancouver City Report

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