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Retire to Virginia

Virginia became the 10th state admitted to the Union in 1788. Virginia is in the Atlantic region of the U.S. with the Atlantic Ocean, Chesapeake Bay and Maryland to the east and West Virginia and Kentucky to the west.

Blue Ridge Mountains
Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia
© iStockPhoto.com/keithpix

Large cities include Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Arlington and Richmond, the capital.

Virginia's topography is varied with coastal plains on the east Atlantic and Chesapeake Bay coasts, great ridges and valleys in the central region with the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Cumberland Mountains to the extreme west.

The Virginia climate is as diverse as the topography with warm and humid climate in the south and on the coasts. Winter storms can be severe with the cold air from the mountains mixing with the warm coastal air. Annual precipitation levels for the state are above average.

Leading sectors in Virginia's economy are agriculture, information technology and federal government services, particularly defense spending. Virginia ranks as a moderate tax state.

Retirement Cities

Virginia is a favorite of retirees and two places are included in our survey of best places to retire. Get video tours of these great cities at Virginia videos.

Williamsburg, VA
To the Williamsburg, VA City Report
Ranks high in: Population Age, Crime
Population: 15,214
City Type: Lakes & Rivers, College Town, National Parks
Climate Type: Temperate & Humid
Local Resources:
     Find homes for sale in Williamsburg!
Lynchburg, VA
To the Lynchburg, VA City Report
Ranks high in: Home Prices, Big City Home Price Comparison, Population Growth, Diversity, Climate
Population: 80,212
City Type: Lakes & Rivers, Mountains, College Town, National Parks
Climate Type: Temperate & Humid
Local Resources:
     Find homes for sale in Lynchburg!

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