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Retire to Michigan

Michigan, the 26th state admitted to the United States in 1837, is a Midwestern state surrounded by the Great Lakes.

Grand Hotel, Michigan
Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, Michigan
© iStockPhoto.com/MGSmith

Large cities include Detroit and Grand Rapids and Lansing is the capital city.

Michigan is comprised of two peninsulas, the familiar mitton-shaped Lower Peninsula and the Upper Peninsula (U.P.). Freshwater lake coastline from four of the five Great Lakes plus thousands of inland lakes dominate the topography of Michigan.

The climate in Michigan is extreme. All regions of the state are cold in winter. The northern portion of the Lower Peninsula and all of the U.P. are extremely cold in winter. The southern part of the state is hot in the summer. Annual precipitation amounts across the state are average for the nation at 25 to 35 inches.

Michigan's economy is led by the automotive industry and expenditures in research and development. Michigan has state and local income taxes and sales tax but ranks in the middle of all states for total tax burden.

Retirement Cities

Ann Arbor, the home of the University of Michigan, is included in our survey of best places to retire. Get a video tour of Ann Arbor at Michigan videos.

Ann Arbor, MI
To the Ann Arbor, MI City Report
Ranks high in: Crime, Natural Hazard Risk
Population: 120,782
City Type: Lakes & Rivers, College Town
Climate Type: Cool & Dry
Local Resources:
     Find homes for sale in Ann Arbor!

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