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...Are you searching for that great place to retire?
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We research a top collection of 99+ towns and cities across the U.S. (see large map). Compare the cities using twenty quality of life characteristics, such as home price, air quality, water quality, medical care, taxes, climate and cost of living.

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Create a detailed City Report with charts, facts and figures for all twenty quality of life traits. Compare Retirement Cities in a unique side-by-side format. Read the City Blogs for the latest real estate and community news. New city and community facts are evaluated and added on a regular basis.

Home Prices Since 2008

A primary factor for most of us in choosing where to live in retirement is home price. But what about home prices? Just look at what average home sales prices have done since 2008 in some of the most popular retirement and second home locations in the U.S.

Home Sales Price (Average)
New & Resale Homes
2008 - 2014
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    Price Price            
  2014 Change Change 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008
City/Town thru Apr '13-'14 '08-'14 ($$$) ($$$) ($$$) ($$$) ($$$) ($$$)
Vail, CO $1,120,000 37% -17% $816 $745 $833 $995 $1,096 $1,343
Bigfork, MT $317,000 21% 1% $261 $300 $223 $389 $313 $313
Palm Springs, CA $363,000 19% -4% $305 $280 $270 $276 $297 $378
Paradise Valley, AZ $1,428,000 18% -12% $1,213 $1,040 $1,028 $1,122 $1,159 $1,628
Park City, UT $681,000 15% 68% $592 $546 $529 $502 $405 $405
Key West, FL $535,000 14% -13% $468 $395 $443 $408 $427 $613
Gulf Shores, AL $218,000 14% -21% $192 $174 $170 $188 $250 $276
Newport, RI $453,000 13% -11% $402 $405 $464 $455 $413 $511
Boca Raton, FL $385,000 10% -9% $349 $287 $296 $326 $363 $423
Reno, NV $279,000 10% -4% $254 $202 $194 $220 $256 $292

What Will Happen to Home Prices?

Following a year of recovery, most of our top retirement cities have seen no change or even a slight retreat in home prices from last year. Vail, CO tops all of our places with a home price gain of 37% so far in 2014.

The affluent and ever mobile baby boomers are having an undeniable impact on the second home and retirement home market. As boomers enter the market for that new home, premiums will be placed on those properties that offer healthy and fun lifestyles in attractive natural settings.

You need to make an informed decision about that retirement or second home destination. If you are considering places for assisted or independent living, check our Senior Living search engine with over 3,000 listings in the U.S.

Get out there and visit some of your favorite locations. Find out what others are already learning about that great place in the mountains, by the shore or by the golf course that you can call your own.

Your source for facts about the best retirement cities in the U.S. is right here.

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